Type: Web CMS and API application

Technology: Ruby on Rails / MySQL

Involvement: Rebuilt and improved by us

Link: Internal url

Our responsibility

  • Ruby on Rails/MySQL programming
  • Javascript/Jquery programming
  • Rspec/Capybara tests
  • Application deployment and debugging (apache / passenger, capistrano tasks)

Key features build

  • Content Migration from existing Drupal 6 CMS.
  • Design and implement REST API for different clients (web and mobile).
  • CMS functionality (managing articles, horoscopes, products, slideshows, quizzes)
  • Importing / exporting content from different formats (CSV, XML)
  • Maintenance tasks (archiving, improving database performance)
  • Managing users
Why Us?
  • Strong technical knowledge
  • Experienced Ruby on Rails developers
  • Open Source contributions
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